Our Values
Capital Strategic Communications Group is built on a platform of excellence and integrity. We believe in delivering a high-quality, customer-focused level of service at a price that is highly competitive and clearly communicated up front. We are committed to honorable business practices and to open, candid communications with our clients and their stakeholders. We seek to establish long-term relationships with each of our clients by adding value every time they call on us. We consider the business entrusted to us a sacred trust – our goal is total client satisfaction on every project. We fully support the Code of Ethics of the Public Relations Society of America as the standard for professional conduct in our industry.
    Our Commitments  
We will deal with each client opportunity in an honest, open manner.
It is only through genuine candor that we can find mutually acceptable solutions.
We will treat everyone we encounter with respect and dignity.
Each individual at the table brings unique perspectives that merit consideration.
We will perform every service to the absolute best of our ability.
We will not stop working until the client is pleased with the results.
We will communicate our pricing in writing in advance.
No surprises. We do not believe in hidden fees, supplemental charges or add-ons once the contract is signed. If the client has not approved it in advance, we will not bill for it.
We will maintain an open mind about all options before us.
Every idea that is presented deserves a thorough evaluation and appropriate consideration.
We will not attempt to keep clients by locking them into long-term contract commitments.
All contracts we present will cover a reasonable term and contain a clause that allows the client to withdraw from the agreement with reasonable notice.
We will conduct ourselves in an honorable and professional manner in all of our dealings.
We will not engage in conduct that might tarnish the reputation of this firm or that of our clients.
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